Why Worksharing

Worksharing is a blend of BPO, RPA, a talent marketplace, and an assistant service that feels like having an extension of yourself or your team. It was invented to make execution easier.

See what makes Invisible different.

Leverages your team; costs 30-50% less
Low barrier to entry; high agility
Comparable capability; easier to implement
Does recurring work fluidly; multi-purpose
Handles hard-to-automate steps


It can be hard to find the right solution to execution problems. Do you need an app? To hire? Maybe it's time to find a great BPO, or to [finally] automate. In a lot of cases, we think you might need us.

This is an overview of how we're different from the other kinds of solutions you may be using today.

Worksharing & Your Team

Get an extension of your team.

Chances are, your talented team spends nearly half each day on rote tasks that are difficult to delegate. Building lists, updating contact records, etc. Our goal is to be a kind of Ironman suit for each member of your team. For example, one of our clients has users in finance, venture, marketing, and community-building and all of them delegate individual workflows to their personal assistants on a centrally managed account, with discrete budgets.

We're one of the only ways we know of to increase your team's productivity and autonomy at the same time.


Team Member


Loves drudgery

Unlike most humans, we're thoroughly engaged by drudgery.

Capital efficiency

Costs 30-50% less than a FTE and leverages the people you have to do higher value work. No capital commitment.

No hiring, training, or turnover

We document all your processes and execute them like a veteran member of your team.

Comes with a tech stack & a manager

We're always getting more efficient. And we manage quality. Having us run your processes is the opposite of entropy.

Worksharing and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Start small, adapt processes, get immediate value.

Companies turn to BPO at the moment when they begin to scale, or when large tasks can be predicted and bundled such that someone else can do them more efficiently. That works often, but can be a challenge if you are too small for BPO or if your processes and needs evolve. Here's how we're different.




Time to value

Many BPOs require long and convoluted negotiation or SLA processes. We can deliver results tomorrow.

Appropriate for dynamic needs

BPO is great for operating codified processes with predictable volume. They're less equipped to deal with evolving workflows or changes in business needs.

SMB-friendly / Low barrier to entry

Low barrier to entry. SMBs can afford to use us as a supplement to their teams.

Values you can feel good about

We have a loyal relationship with our agents, the people who do the work behind the scenes.

Worksharing & RPA / IPA

We're a comparable offering with greater range,at lower cost.

We're a hybrid people-and-tech company and we use robotic process automation on codified processes or parts of processes to lower costs for our clients. While we're similar to RPA and IPA in terms of capabilities, we offer a very different user experience and a greater range of capabilities.




Time to value

No center of excellence needed; we can ship results tomorrow.

Affordable to keep and start

Low upfront cost, no bots to buy or rent, no technical debt.

Relevant to a larger range of processes

Pure RPA can be applied to a limited range of tasks. We're more versatile.

Easy to implement

You don't need a consultant to understand where to use us in your business, how to implement us, or to map processes.

Comes with judgment & a manager

Made to handle exceptions, manages quality.

Worksharing & Talent Marketplaces

We meet recurring process management needs versus one-time projects.

Talent marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr are popular for reasons: it works for employers to have access to on-demand talent. We're made to have a similarly low impact on your budget but rather than being a go-to source for specialists, we're a go-to source for running processes.


Talent Marketplaces


Made for recurring work

There to execute business processes on demand.

Does the hiring, vetting, and management

You don't have to hire, vet, or manage people.


Meet needs in multiple departments.

Worksharing & Workflow Automation

When one step in a process can be automated, but the others can't, we can help.

Workflow automation tools range from things like Zapier to Tray.io to the next martech offering. We love these tools and many of our clients do, too. You can use us in addition, or in substitution. We're distinctly helpful if you don't want to learn to operate tech platforms or if the process you want to upgrade has some steps that are hard to automate.


Workflow Automation


No tech enthusiasm required

No need to learn platforms or map processes - we do that.

Works for semi-automatable processes

When one step in a process can be automated, but the steps before or after it can't, we can run the whole thing.

Worksharing & Virtual Assistants

Great for users who need process support, not personal assistance.

The original conception of Invisible was as a kind of master-synthetic-assistant, like Jarvis. Or Alfred. The best way to think of us is as a process assistant. We're not going to call Verizon for you or pick up your dry cleaning. But if you need processes run on a regular basis, we're awesome.


Virtual Assistant


Lower cost

Non-executives can afford support.

Higher process volume

We're not as good with high-context work (like suggesting who to send Christmas cards to), but we can file expense reports at light speed.




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