The Platform

We combine white-glove service, process automation, and a managed talent marketplace so that you get flexible, scalable, intelligent support in volatile times.
The Magic is in our Digital Assembly Line. It breaks down the artificial barrier between outsourcing and automation to create a service that is actually intelligent.

How the Platform Works

You Delegate Once

We Deliver...
Over & Over Again

. We
, and
Start by sending our team any task or process over email or Zoom. It gets logged on our operations management platform.
The Process Builder turns your instructions into a repeatable process. We automate steps based on work we've done before.
Next, remaining work is batched and assigned to a vetted, managed team who utilize third party tools to complete jobs fast and well.
Last, work is quality checked by the most senior members of our team and delivered to clients where they need it, when they need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

People and Machine

Do I talk to a person?

Yes! While much of our work is automated, your client experience isn't. Each client works with a dedicated account director and delivery manager. This team helps you identify, map, and offload process work.


Can I see progress?

Yes! Watch work progress on the client dashboard.
Sign-off on time and cost estimates
Monitor progress
Manage Security
Review Quality

There when You Need Us

What if I have unexpected needs?

We're designed to be flexible capacity on demand. For example, you can utilize Invisible to:
Manage high volume, low frequency tasks – such as annual, quarterly or ad hoc batch processing
Catch up or keep from falling behind on time sensitive or SLA related operations
Manage unexpected spike in data entry or data conversion in any department


Who maintains and updates these processes?

Our team proactively suggests process improvements and deploys cost savings automations. We update processes so you don't have to.


Who does the manual work?

Our team is selective, trained, managed, and passionate.

7% Acceptance Rate

Every agent passes a rigorous test in English, critical thinking, basic problem solving, data entry, and spreadsheet basics.
Fun fact: Harvard’s acceptance rate is 5.4%

When We’re Not Working,
We’re Learning

Training is matched to market data and client needs. It’s integrated into our core platform.

Performance is Measured.

Every process has a benchmark. Agents are assessed on process-mastery, communications, and timeliness.  Pay is tied to performance.

Passion is Embraced.

Our Skills

Enter & Enrich Data
Format Data
Scrape the Web
Content Management
CRM Management
Lead Generation
Manage Files
Social Media Management

Live on DAL

Client work live on the DAL...right now.




New Delegations



Our Stack

In addition to custom algorithms, we use more than thirty third party tools to reach client goals. Here are just a few.

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