DelegateMore. Do Less.

Let us schedule your meetings, generate leads, scale your operations infrastructure, so you can focus on executing and creating. Start with one repetitive process and scale to many in order to meet the needs of your growing business or established enterprise team.

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For Sales

We streamline your sales process, so you can close more deals. Make your sales funnel flow.

For Recruiting

We streamline recruiting from prospect research to scheduling. Make your hiring pipeline flow.

For Operations

From back-office tasks to people operations, we are set up to manage all your operational processes.

Three most popular ways to use Invisible:

Ops as a Service

Get the support you need. We set up and execute admin processes across sales, HR, product, and more.
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Team on Demand

Scale up or down without skipping a beat. We get your stuff done just the way you like it.
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Custom Automation

Outsource your unique routines to us - we'll automate it. Turn to us when there's not "an app for that."
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Some of our customers

Our three most popular delegation packages

Need something else done? Let us know. These packages are where most of our clients start.

Office Management

Maintain a steady office flow without wasting time on administrative tasks.

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Growth Acceleration

Source high-quality leads that fit your business needs.

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People Operations

Keep your business flexible with the ability to scale up or down without skipping a beat.

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Accelerate efficiency by offloading your processes at scale so you can focus on next gen efficiency gains

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Customer Voices

Kip Shelton

Kip Shelton

Sales Operations Manager at Wade and Wendy
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"Invisible doesn't just save you time, it also saves the potential financial and temporal expense of a new employee. “I think that we got to a point where [Wally] has basically taken enough responsibility to almost be a full-time employee, a full-time employee's worth of work.” Unlike a human employee, your invisible assistant can operate 24/7, effectively expanding your productivity by 200%."
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Joanne Heyman

Joanne Heyman

Founder and CEO at Heyman Partners
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"It's freeing me up to think more about important things related to the services that I provide. That to me is incredible value." Joanne says that she would recommend Invisible to someone considering an assistant. "You know you're doing great work and you're well focused when you're only doing what you can do. So for me to be able to do what only I can do - that's incredible value."
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